Homeschool Tumble Tots Age: 3-4 yrs.


Tumble Tots Age: 3-4 yrs.

Homeschool -

We are proud to offer a home school class. We have several different days and times. The classes are for boys and girls that are ages 3 - 12. We understand that parents are home schooling a lot more these days and have a single income coming into the house therefore we offer these classes at a discounted rate.

Our goal is to have a well supervised, safe, and nurturing environment for your children to be active, have fun and learn. They will learn through positive instruction, we will enhance their self-esteem and confidence as well as have an opportunity to increase skill and fitness potential. We look forward to having your child here with us at Gymnastics Unlimited.

Please call for days and times that are available.

Class -

Tumble Tots (3 to 4 years old) is the opportunity for your child to get a head start on fitness and to have a rich pre-school experience. The program's primary goal is to build self esteem through experiencing success in each instructional class. The program is a creative movement and gymnastic program with emphasis on swinging, climbing, hanging, and overall body conditioning.

Skill Development

  • Building Self-esteem
  • Creative Movement Development
  • Increase of Coordination
  • Strength Building
  • Balance Skill Improvement
  • Agility Training

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